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If you are looking for advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental then Smilorexia Dental Clinic is the best option. We are very sincere with the dental health of our customers. You are getting our best services under the guidance of Dr. Assad who is an undergraduate from Nishtar Institute of Dentistry, Multan and currently completing his Part II residency in Operative Dentistry at Smilorexia Dental hospital, Multan.

We have all of the highly qualified and well expert competent professionals. You are getting a clean and safe environment in the Smilorexia Dental Clinic. We people have taken the oath to give our patients exceptional state-of-the-art dental care in all aspects of dentistry.

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Dr. Assad received his undergraduate education at Nishtar Institute of Dentistry, Multan and earned his Bachelors of Dental Surgery Degree from University of Health and Sciences, Lahore. He is currently completing his Part II residency in Operative Dentistry at Ibn-e-Sine hospital, Multan. He also joined the teaching staff and worked in Operative Department at Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental Hospital, Multan. His defining feature as a dentist is his personalized patient care. His commitment to continuing education allows him to meet a variety of patient oral health needs with proven treatments.

Dr. Assad is a general and cosmetic dentist who provides top-quality, gentle, caring dentistry tailored specifically to every patient’s needs and desires. He is experienced in Preventive dentistry (Dental Sealants and white spot removal), Cosmetic dentistry (Tooth whitening, Veneers), Root canal therapy, Restorative care (Composite fillings, Inlays & Onlays), Crowns and Bridges (Porcelain crowns, Porcelain Bridges) and more.

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